Freight Logistics

Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, E-commerce, Import/Export

PacTrack’s freight delivery services are designed to accommodate businesses needing last-mile freight dispatch, extended distance cargo transport, 3PL solutions, distribution directly from the client’s site or warehouse, and warehousing and distribution from PacTrack’s dedicated facilities. We offer adaptable and efficient solutions tailored for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, e-commerce enterprises, and import/export firms, guaranteeing that their cargo is delivered to its intended location securely and in a timely manner.

195 HINO Box Trucks with Liftgate Service

At PacTrack, our box truck delivery service is designed to handle your larger, heavier, and more complex cargo needs. We understand that certain goods require the extra space and security a box truck provides, and we’re equipped to deliver just that.

Why Choose Our Box Truck Delivery?

  • Capacity: Our Hino box trucks offer spacious interiors capable of transporting large volumes of goods or bulky items that would not fit in traditional delivery vehicles.
  • Security: Our box trucks provide enhanced security for your goods. With a fully enclosed space and secured cargo area, your items are well-protected against weather conditions and potential damage during transit.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s furniture, equipment, palletized items, or other large-scale goods, our box trucks can accommodate a wide range of cargo types.

Freight Services

Liftgate Service

Seamless and safe ground-level loading and unloading for heavy or oversized shipments, eliminating the need for a loading dock.

Pallet Jack

Efficient maneuverability for palletized goods within your facility or warehouse, ensuring smooth transportation and placement.


Palletization streamlines your freight operations by securely grouping and wrapping items onto pallets, enhancing stability and ease-of-transport.

Warehousing & Sortation

Systematic inventory organization, coupled with advanced sorting capabilities to expedite order processing and fulfillment.

Delivery Options

At PacTrack, we redefine expedited cargo delivery by fusing speed with strategic efficiency. Recognizing the critical nature of timely delivery for your business success, we streamline every step of the logistics process.

Expedited Cargo Delivery

When time is of the essence, our Expedited Cargo Delivery service ensures your shipments receive top priority. Leveraging optimized routes and dedicated transport mechanisms, we guarantee the rapid and secure delivery of your urgent consignments. This service is ideal for time-sensitive shipments where every hour counts.

Last Mile Delivery

Bridging the gap between the warehouse and the final destination, our Last Mile Delivery service ensures a seamless handover directly to the customer’s doorstep. Beyond just transportation, this service emphasizes precision, punctuality, and a personalized touch, ensuring your products reach their final recipients in perfect condition and with a smile.

Dedicated Delivery

For those seeking heightened reliability and a bespoke delivery experience, our Dedicated Delivery Option offers an exclusive vehicle allocation for your shipments. This means no co-loading with other consignments, granting you maximum control, consistent delivery windows, and peace of mind knowing your cargo receives undivided attention from pickup to drop-off.

Our Fleet

All vehicles in our fleet are 2016 or newer

HINO Box Trucks with Liftgate Service

Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans

195 HINO Box Trucks With Liftgate Service

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans with Dolly Service

Workflow and Upkeep

We rely on the industry-leading SAMSARA Vehicle Telematics platform, offering an all-inclusive range of vehicle telematics, workforce, and compliance solutions. This advanced platform allows us to monitor vehicle performance, supervise driver behavior, and sustain regulatory compliance, thus safeguarding the safety and efficiency of our operations. Alongside SAMSARA Vehicle Telematics, we utilize the web based Fleetio platform to handle the maintenance of our entire fleet. Fleetio simplifies the process of monitoring service reminders and new issues, enabling us to proactively mitigate potential issues and minimize downtime.

Route Optimization, Mapping, and Administrative Assistance

Our versatile fleet of vehicles, including box trucks, sprinter cargo vans, and quick response small vehicles, enables us to cater to diverse client needs, handle shipments of all sizes, and offer custom solutions. At PacTrack, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient logistics and courier services in today’s business environment. We are committed to being your trusted partner in streamlining and optimizing your supply chain, freeing you to focus on your business growth.

PacTrack, an industry leader in logistics solutions

Our freight delivery services present adaptable and effective solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, e-commerce enterprises, and import/export firms. With services such as last-mile freight delivery, long haul cargo delivery, 3PL services, and warehousing and distribution, we assure the safe and punctual delivery of your cargo.