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Healthcare logistics entails the specialized coordination and management of medical supplies, equipment, pharmaceuticals, and specimens across various sectors, including healthcare facilities and laboratories. This field is especially crucial for items requiring specific temperature controls during storage and transportation, a necessity for ensuring the efficacy and safety of certain healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech products. The aim is to facilitate efficient, secure, and timely delivery, all while maintaining compliance with strict regulatory standards. This comprehensive approach supports the optimal functioning of healthcare services, from routine laboratory tests and operations to emergency care.

What is Healthcare Logistics?

Healthcare logistics is vital for products, samples, or equipment that need to be kept at a specific temperature range during storage and transportation. It’s crucial for certain types of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech products.

Comprehensive Healthcare Logistics Services


STAT Deliveries:
For immediate and emergency needs.

Routine Deliveries:
Scheduled, non-urgent deliveries.

After Hours/On-Call Services:
For medical deliveries outside of standard business hours.

Specialized Handling &

Temperature-Controlled Deliveries:
Ensuring certain medical items remain at their required temperature.

Biohazard Transport:
For potentially hazardous items requiring adherence to strict regulations.

Organ and Tissue Transport:
Time-sensitive transport for transplant-related items.

Medical Supplies &

Pharmaceutical Deliveries:
Secure transport of medications.

Medical Equipment Transport:
Deliveries of tools, devices, and equipment.

Specimen & Document

Specimen Transport:
Moving medical specimens from collection points to laboratories.

Document and Record Transport:
Securely transporting confidential medical records.

Geographic &
International Services

Remote or Rural Area Services:
Ensuring medical deliveries reach less accessible locations.

International Medical Shipping:
Meeting the needs of global medical shipping regulations.

Medical Courier Services

Specializing in medical courier services, the PacTrack Healthcare Logistics team excels in temperature-sensitive logistics, managing everything from cold-chain to room temperature requirements with the utmost care and compliance. Our staff is extensively trained to handle a diverse array of medical materials, from blood and tissue samples to pharmaceuticals and biologics. We ensure each item remains at its specified temperature state—whether frozen, refrigerated, warm, or at Controlled Room Temperature (CRT)—throughout its transit. We individualize our routed and on-demand services to meet the unique needs of each healthcare client, initiating a comprehensive Discovery phase to create solutions that are both regulation-compliant and cost-effective.

Specialized logistics solutions that conform to stringent transport and sterilization standards

For the healthcare sector, we offer specialized logistics solutions that conform to stringent transport and sterilization standards. Our services serve healthcare providers, pharmaceutical entities, biotech firms, and medical device manufacturers, ensuring the safe and timely transport of crucial documents, medical equipment, and other sensitive items.