Technology at PacTrack

At PacTrack, we acknowledge the pivotal part technology plays in improving operational effectiveness, fine-tuning routes, and overseeing a well-coordinated fleet. Our dedication to harnessing state-of-the-art technology ensures that we persistently deliver superior service quality to our clientele.

Workflow and Upkeep

We rely on the industry-leading SAMSARA Vehicle Telematics platform, offering an all-inclusive range of vehicle telematics, workforce, and compliance solutions. This advanced platform allows us to monitor vehicle performance, supervise driver behavior, and sustain regulatory compliance, thus safeguarding the safety and efficiency of our operations. Alongside SAMSARA Vehicle Telematics, we utilize the web based Fleetio platform to handle the maintenance of our entire fleet. Fleetio simplifies the process of monitoring service reminders and new issues, enabling us to proactively mitigate potential issues and minimize downtime.

Route Optimization, Mapping, and Administrative Assistance

Our versatile fleet of vehicles, including box trucks, sprinter cargo vans, and quick response small vehicles, enables us to cater to diverse client needs, handle shipments of all sizes, and offer custom solutions. At PacTrack, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient logistics and courier services in today’s business environment. We are committed to being your trusted partner in streamlining and optimizing your supply chain, freeing you to focus on your business growth.

Payroll Automation

We firmly believe in the value of an employee-based operation, which sets us apart from other courier companies that may rely on independent contractors. Every driver in our team is a direct employee of the company, earning a living wage, which underscores our commitment to social responsibility. To support this principle, we have partnered with ADP Workforce Now, the country’s leading payroll provider. This collaboration allows us to manage payroll operations efficiently, guaranteeing that our dedicated team members receive the necessary support and compensation they need to focus on providing exceptional logistics services to our clients. Our clients can rest assured that by choosing PacTrack, they’re supporting a vendor that places high importance on compliance and the fair treatment of its employees.

Technology Platforms

Route optimization software to plan and understand logistics of your business

Samsara: industry-leading platform providing vehicle telematics, workforce, and compliance

Fleetio: web-based platform monitors maintenance for entire fleet, tracking service reminders and new issues

ADP Workforce Now: payroll is managed by nation’s largest payroll provider

PacTrack is the key element that can untangle your logistics conundrums.

We extend an invitation for you to collaborate with us and witness the transformative impact our dedicated team and solid solutions can have on your business. Reach out to us today to discover how PacTrack can streamline your logistics operations and catapult your business to unprecedented success.